Lärchenhof Natur

Mountains spring. 

The mountains are blooming in the most wonderful colors, the lovely scent of alpine roses is filling the air and everywhere young chamois are curiously observing passing hikers. Eagles are majestically circling above us, while we are leisurly bathing our feet in the cooling waters of a small creek. We call this magnificent world our home and we look forward to sharing it with you!

sommer wandern gruppe

Hiking trip with our father Herrn Holzer with view of North Tyrol`s Dolomits.


Thanks to our parents, it has been our great pleasure for more than 40 years to treat our guests to an unforgettable experience in our Lärchenhof Natur. Over the course of four decades, our appreciation of and bond with nature has become an essential part of our lifestyle. Committed to the philosophy of nature-oriented tourism, it is our strong desire to conserve nature and to preserve local traditions. This feeling of closely experiencing nature and getting inspired by it allows us to find inner peace, to find ourself and to feel happiness in the community. As a guest in our Lärchenhof Natur you will encounter proof of our love for nature at every turn. 
Come and join your host on a personally guided tour along gentle trails through blooming meadows into the charming world of the Alpine mountains. You will be amazed by the magnificent panorama and suddenly you will pause, because you have realized how pleasantly calm it is up here in the Tyrolean mountains. 
Family Holzer